Welcome to the website for San Mateo County Supervisor of District 5, David J. Canepa.

It is an honor to serve the residents of District 5, one of the most culturally diverse communities in all of America. 

From Daly City, San Mateo County’s largest city, Colma, Brisbane, Broadmoor, parts of South San Francisco and San Bruno, the district offers vast open space, sweeping views of the Bay, clean air, clean water, top quality health care, excellent public schools and safe streets.

The real jewel of District 5, however, is its people.

As supervisor, I pledge to work hard to ensure that the children of District 5 achieve the same standard of comfort, happiness and health that I was provided as a child. It’s about getting kids into our public libraries or to experience nature by hiking San Bruno Mountain Park. It’s about giving and sharing. It’s about quality of life.

Like many district residents, I was born at Seton Hospital and pledged to keep its vital health care services intact as it weathered a financial crisis. I’m also a product of Skyline College and recognize the value its programs have provided to thousands and thousands of county residents seeking higher education or new skills as the local job market evolves.

While the county has a high standard of living compared to others, there are still many individuals residing here who need just a little bit of help – whether it be a push in the right direction or a hand to hold when times are tough. I and my staff intend to be that helping hand and our doors are always open.

If I may assist with anything, please feel free to contact me at your convenience. I can be reached at 650-363-4572 or by e-mail at dcanepa@smcgov.org

Here is a video of some school visits in the district along with our first ever, District 5 Together, Cultural & Resource Fair.  Please let me know what you think.  Thank you!