3/28/2011--Police Fundraiser Draws Crowd 
By Nicole Baldocchi 
San Mateo Patch 
The San Mateo Police Officers’ Association held its second annual crab feed Friday at 
the Elks Lodge to help fund its own programs as well as the charities to which it 
“My interest was to get out to the public more,” said Jeanine Luna, secretary on the 
association’s board of directors and chief organizer of the event. “It’s only our second 
year and we’re still trying to perfect it.” 
The evening sold-out at about 350 chairs, 80 more than last year, according to Luna. Each 
seat was $50, but many bought whole tables of 10 at $450. That included admission and 
dinner with salad, bread, pastas and, of course, crab. 
The night also included auctions, sales and raffles. The auctions and sales included items 
from the Police Association from past events, as well as from Mancave Memorabilia and 
Stella & Dot. The private entities donated a portion of their sales to the association. 
Stella & Dot is a company that allows people to be individual stylists, selling the products 
and holding trunkshows. Jennifer Peruzzaro was the stylist Friday night who chose to 
donate part of her sales to the association because her husband, Dave, is an officer. 
Peruzzaro said she teaches kindergarten in Danville and that this is her “adult job.” She 
said Friday's night's fun was for a good cause and would benefit the families of the 
Officers belonging to the Police Association can receive dental insurance, vision 
insurance, health insurance, life insurance, employee assistance like counseling, a 
deferred compensation plan and more. 
The association, being a nonprofit, also donates to charities including the Mid-Peninsula 
Boys & Girls Club, the American Cancer Society, Special Olympics and San Mateo 
Youth Athletics. 
Supporters from all over came to the event, including the San Francisco Police Credit 
Union, Firefighter’s Association, San Mateo city employees, and colleagues from the 
District Attorney’s office and crime lab, as well as community members, Luna said. 
“What it really is is the community saying 'thank you' to our police department,” said 
Carole Groom, San Mateo County supervisor representing San Mateo, Belmont and 
Foster City. “They do so much more than arrest people, they keep our communities safe.” 
 The evening, which ran from 6 p.m. to midnight, was hosted entirely by officers and the 
“This is the police officers’ event. They put it on,” said San Mateo police Chief Susan 
Manheimer. “They hosted it because they want to open themselves up to the 
Luna said it was too early to tell exactly how much money was raised Friday evening.