Life at the Center—a poem inspired by Jose Castro’s Middlefield Mural

Megan Duffy Brown

In honor of the Middlefield mural turning one year old this week. Here is a poem about the mural written by a San Mateo County resident. 

Life at the Center—a poem inspired by Jose Castro’s Middlefield Mural 

Megan Duffy Brown

Power is out 
across the Bay
you have heard this—
buildings of coal rise 
at waters’ edge
stark antagonising soft

in North Fair Oaks
a pink rose of grace
springs forth
popping golden sun 
from a book

get with 
science   math    technology

all the children here 
get STEAMed
but the train 
that takes you 
to your engineering job
stops a mile 
out of town 

this is history 

expect an education

that feeds your well
runs beneath these streets

into an open hand
an apple will fall
will reveal its fruit and seed

you might need 
the same thing as history
as the struggling urban store
a young girl learning to read
those waiting for rain

at the edge of darkness 
you can always
climb a tree

you awaken
on a busy day 
at the center 
of town


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